Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Our curation team reviews each file to check for basic technical and quality requirements. Please review the requirements below before uploading your files to Vendotic.

Note: All the approved submission will be available on Vendotic under Vendotic license.

Technical Requirements

Higher the quality of the image the better and easier for our users to download and create with. Please do not scale up the photo because the image loses noticeable quality when doing so.

Image file dimensions: at least 1920*1200 pixels.

Format: JPEG.


Copyright / Legal

You may only upload images to Vendotic that you have entirely created on your own. You cannot submit work obtained from other sources (e.g., online image search results or websites).

Also, if you have purchased images from a commercial stock site, you may have permission to use them in your own project, but it is prohibited to redistribute them as your own work. Also, do not copy images from other users on Vendotic and upload them to your own account.


Visual Requirements

We don’t accept unclear photos, photos containing excess noise, ‘spotting’ (marks made by water or dirt on the lens at the time the photo was taken), selfies, or shots taken on extreme angles

Any image on Vendotic must have a well defined subject, clear focus, and compelling colors. Unintentional blurriness, extreme angles or crookedness, chromatic aberration, JPEG compression artifacts, and excess image noise must be avoided - just like any kind of embedded text, particularly time stamps, graphics and watermarks (logos, clipart or any additional elements or overlays)  


Models and releases

Vendotic does not accept images If a person is clear and recognizable in an image (their face can be seen or a tattoo or an identifiable scar)

If their face is shown from extreme angle, the back of their head or is blurry or distant enough not to be recognizable, images may be accepted for review.


Photos do not contain nudity.

Vendotic provides family friendly content which is suitable for people of all ages and therefore we do not accept photos containing nudity.


Photos should not contain violent imagery. Vendotic is a place for people of all ages.


Have questions about the Guidelines?

Contact us via Contact us page.